A Fruitful Year (Full Set)


Festive Gift
↳ Cultiveat x Where’s Gut Studio

A Fruitful Year 番番是福

Inspired by the upstanding tomato plant and its vivid colours, this gift set features traditional Chinese embroidery aesthetics and contemporary shapes that tell the story of Cultiveat’s premium-harvest tomatoes.

These limited-edition tomatoes are the perfect way to usher in 2021; symbols of a fruitful, prosperous year ahead. As the first harvest of the year, this batch was specially grown to be abundant to hold, a sight to behold, and absolutely delicious to bite into. This set contains:

  • 8x 200g Premium-Harvest Tomatoes
  • 1x set of Playing Cards
  • 5x Tomato Origami Angpow Packets
  • 1x ‘Good Fortune’ Spring Couplet

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