Founded in 2018, Where’s Gut is a graphic design studio named after the studio’s cat, Gut which carries the meaning of luck & tangerine in Cantonese.

We practice design through strategic storytelling to achieve practical solutions which are timeless and engaging. Working collaboratively with brands and organisations, we want to create a visual language that communicates who they are and simultaneously clarifies what they are.
Working in close partnership with a network of independent specialist such as photographers, programmers, printers allow us to deliver projects that are applied across online, print, and space.


The Shachō

Gut is the 社長 (shachō) of the studio. She is sleek, beautiful, intelligent, fastidious and aloof. Definitely not your ordinary lap cat, she is very independent. Her mind is always engaged in a rapt contemplation that she QC every designs we make, no mediocre proposals get passed her. Her purr can cure your sickness and anxiety so treat her well. Her favorite food is flake tuna.

Magdalene Wong
Graphic Designer & Founder

Received BA with Honours in Communication Design from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, she is a graphic designer who currently lives in Kuala Lumpur. She believes in sustainable business model and human-centred design that supports issues such as human equality, animal rights, culture and environment. Her work encompasses brand identities, print, digital and signage systems, created in collaborations with professional organisations, retails and brands.

PC Kwan
Studio Manager

PC officially came to Where’s Gut in 2021 from the world of sneakers, fashion & sporting brands, bringing his eyes to stop impractical designs heading out from our studio. Has yet to contribute in any Adobe capacity but you never know.

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