Game of Glyphs

15.11.2019. Written by and . Event & Exhibition

If you told me that a typeface can be animated just by its letters being typed out or that one can compete in rock, paper, scissors with a typeface, my thoughts would have long floated elsewhere as these are unimaginable to my mind. However, that is prior to attending the Game of Glyphs talk because …

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Bilateral Design Exchange – Malaysia x Taiwan

03.11.2019. Written by . Event & Exhibition

Different countries and regions have their own individual design preferences, and it is always an ongoing topic in design scene. During the Malaysia x Taiwan Bilateral Design Exchange Design Talk, Cheng Chieh Sung – a Taiwanese graphic designer, kicked off the talk with the question “What is the distinctive style of Taiwan’s design?” He continued …

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Welcome to the Gut

13.09.2019. Written by . Daily

Founded in 2018, unexpectedly. I mean, it wasn’t planned but just a thought of having my own studio in mind until I met Tsu, a graphic designer who just came back from UK at that time, having great interest into typography and intellectual writings, joined us in early 2018.

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