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13.09.2019. Written by . Daily

Founded in 2018, unexpectedly. I mean, it wasn’t planned but just a thought of having my own studio in mind until I met Tsu, a graphic designer who just came back from UK at that time, having great interest into typography and intellectual writings, joined us in early 2018. Having a new member in the team is like dating someone you just met, you gotta learn how to work, talk or even lunch with’em, in addition to the design process together. Where’s Gut started in an organic way, with only two of us in the team. Even the name – Gut is pretty straightforward, it’s named after my first cat who plays an important role in my life, while the name is also a reminder of being courageous and instinctive/ forward-thinking in decision making.

Where’s Gut is very lucky to welcome the second team member joining us in early 2019 – the young and quirky HeeHee. Having a good sense in illustration and photography direction, the team managed to strike a balance in skill sets and concept developing while being able to learn from each other. Even though the team consists of 3 main ladies (soon to be 4!), and she’s complaining about it all the time, I guess (and hope) that we all will have even more good time getting inspirations from each other. (:

Our motto is simple, we want to try our best to create quality, well-communicated work even with limited resources. Real world could be quite challenging (or real hard sometimes!) – unreasonable demands, budget constrains, production errors, communication break down, global warming etc., I hope that we are patient and persist enough to handle all of them (we’ll try our best!). To Guts and the people out there, let’s deal with shits and do better for better future – less harmful products to the world, more thoughtful creations perhaps.

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