Keeper’s Ground

On this rebranding exercise for Madeleine Cafe & Patisserie in Kuching, Sarawak, we introduced them to the name Keeper’s Ground. It reflects their growth away from the former brand, and the lessons learnt as they move forward to a new chapter.

“It is a garden where Alexa spent most of her childhood in – running about amongst the trees and flowers, tumbling and falling, getting bruises all over. It symbolises for her a place of growth, both physically and emotionally. Bringing her great joy and many stories to tell. Now she’s wise, strong and thriving. Gracefully adapting to life’s challenges, always growing into a better person even through difficult times.”

We were asked to create the new identity that appeals to customers looking for a laidback weekend brunch as well as a place for large groups of guests to get together over a meal. Reflecting the theme in which the café is built upon, we created a set of graphics to illustrate the story of growth which are used across their packaging and printed materials.

Accompanying the identity is a mark we created to resemble the tiered cake stand used in the patisserie — at the same time symbolising the gate of Keeper’s Ground.

Creative & Art Direction by Magdalene Wong
Design by Tsu Wong, Magdalene Wong
Story by Tsu Wong

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