SHN Debut Album

A new day where happiness and heartbreak meets, confidence and insecurity greets, debut artist SHN shares her experience going into adulthood through her music. Under the record label company Jumuro, we were contacted to work on the design for her debut album.

Like the time periods AM and PM, both encompasses light of the day and cool of darkness, the album is centred around the concept of two opposites meeting in between to form something even more beautiful when intertwined. This idea is a portrayal of the young artist’s music and her background. The artist shares her music in two languages, and when two of her pieces – AM and PM – in the album are played simultaneously, it merges beautifully to create a third piece of music.

Carrying the idea into visual language and print, we developed the photography direction and designed the structure of the album as well as booklet that comes with it. Presented in a life-in-a-day / AM-PM narrative, the booklet is split into two sections that can be viewed two ways — as you would a regular book, or open flat to see both sections simultaneously.

Creative & Art Direction by Magdalene Wong
Photography Direction by Magdalene Wong & Tsu Wong
Photography by Jena Yek
Design by Magdalene Wong, Hee Hee

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