Sunbather Coffee

Sunbather Coffee – Yōshoku & Dessert Café
by Mr O

Sunbather Coffee is a café serving Yōshoku fare – Western-influenced Japanese food in Bangsar South. Sister café to one of our long-term client Kakiyuki – formerly known as Kakigori, we were asked to create an identity for their restaurant serving hot food.

Inspired by the term goro goro (ゴロゴロ), a common Japanese act of rolling on a tatami floor, the idea is to create a place where everything is well in order and one can enjoy their free time however they like – alike visiting a friend at their house. This spirit informs the branding which covers everything from the menu to marketing collaterals; restaurant signage to art directing the product photography. In line with that, we commissioned illustrations from Len and Sam, both of whose styles are able to help us recreate the classic look of Japanese food magazine content, which is presented in a newspaper format menu.

Creative & Art Direction by Magdalene Wong
Design by Magdalene Wong
Menu Illustration by Len (Drawplet) & Sam
Story by Tsu Wong
Photography by Jena Yek

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