Clay Café & Restaurant

A café restaurant serving an array of clay pot and Chinese staple dishes, Clay is an imagined sequel to the story of the on-film couple in ‘In the Mood for Love’ – Mr. Chow and Ms. Su. What would their future look like had they been together? Our happy ending finds them running a claypot restaurant in Penang, with 1970’s Hong Kong in mind.

The restaurant setting playfully blends the ‘coffee shop’ culture that is local to both Penang and Hong Kong, giving the couple a new narrative; transforming them into generous, out-going, friendly neighbourhood couple.

The idea is extended into a series of collaterals, tablemat to its wall mural, internal and external signage, and a retro corner that fronts the shop with lighted old school kiam pia tin – cracker containers – lining the wall with quotes from the movie on display.

Creative & Art Direction by Magdalene Wong
Design by Magdalene Wong, Hee Hee
Operation & Brand Consultation by Focicrete
Interior & Food Photography by twfreeman77 & jhsonhng (13,14,15,24)

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