Transparency in farming and obtaining honest, fresh produce in the city is a tricky issue. Cultiveat, an agri-food start-up in Kuala Lumpur aims to tackle this issue by employing an open policy. Showing consumers the environment where their farmers work, where and how the produce is farmed; their ambition is to be accountable for their produce and look the part.

We were approached to work on their identity and to develop a brand language that takes into consideration of customer engagement; something that is presently absent from agriculture brands. Our proposal introduces the brand to Mr. Fah Mer, a friendly and professional farmer that leads a simple and objective purpose. To live with good practice and share good produce with everyone – his farmers, friends, family and the environment.

This spirit is injected to every aspect of the brand, from the clear and concise wayfinding at the farm; materials used for marketing collaterals; internal and external signage of their upcoming store outlet as well as webstore design.

Creative & Art Direction by Magdalene Wong
Design by Tsu Wong, Magdalene Wong
Website Design by Tsu Wong, Magdalene Wong
Web Development by 8finite
Photography by Calvin Goh

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