Lachér Patisserie

Lachér Patisserie is a French-style patisserie brand that delivers within Klang Valley.

We wanted to deliver the brand and their products in a simple yet delicate presentation. The ingredients of patisserie were illustrated and to be used as the graphic elements then applied throughout the brand. Logomark is created to look like a ribbon on a cake and a gift.

The branding elements are then applied to prints such as business cards & letterhead. Through the use of special printing effects and specialty paper, the brand is well presented as an artisanal patisserie just like their products.

The idea of gifting was extended onto the packaging system as well. A clean white colour cake box is designed with subtle deboss treatment and an open window to showcase the delicate patisserie inside. Each cake comes with a graphical cake label displaying the ingredients and the layers of the cake. For a complete experience, a branded paper bag and cooler bag is included in the delivery solution.

Operating the business fully online, Lachér Patisserie’s central kitchen is located in Petaling Jaya to serve its customers in the Klang Valley.

With the signage placement & front facade fully painted in the brand’s color, hardly any customers will miss this shop when collecting their orders there.

Brand Story:

Unbox a delectable gift and embark on a magical journey with your senses. Let the trail of fresh cream lead your sight into imagination. It is an invitation to transport oneself into the delights of French patisserie. Twirl under the sprinkling of dusty cocoa powder, roll on clouds of airy mousse and glide on silky glazing. Indulge in a wonderful constellation of joy and pleasure by the mouthful, even on the most gloomy of days. Giving a gift of fresh sensation, that is Lachér’s dream in every cake.


Creative Direction by Magdalene Wong
Art Direction & Design by Heehee Tan & Magdalene Wong
Brand Story Edited by Tsu Wong
Photography by Jia Jin Ng

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