Mr. Roboto

A brand proposal we did back in 2018, Mr. Roboto – a Japanese Yakitori Bar, which’s named after the main character of the brand, is a speakeasy bar in SS15 that sells Japanese-influenced alcoholic beverages and grilled chicken skewers.

“Energetic, charming, funny yet a little bit narcissist, Mr. Roboto is a retired robot who loves meeting and interacting with people, hence he decided to open the bar that invites not only his friends and comrades but all the like-minded people in the city.

After retiring from saving the earth, he now enjoys entertaining his guests by doing stunts, shooting laser beams, dancing and mixing cocktails in the bar. He’s probably the best companion to be in the ‘Mr. Roboto’ bar. Mr. Bonito and Mr. Tobiko are his comrades who serve in the bar too.”

The brand element is applied on collaterals such as business card, placemat, parchment paper, tissue, coasters and take-out packaging which conveys a fun and humorous atmosphere to the customers. The application we love the most is the menu design, which is inspired by the Japanese comic layout.

A Design Proposal by Magdalene Wong

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