Root Remedies

A hand-crafted skincare brand, Root Remedies embraces minimalism in the ingredients that go into their products. They provide all natural, wholesome and simple effectiveness for the skin that is accustomed to a tropical climate. We were approached for a brand refresh to further develop and solidify their brand’s positioning.

“Trace the lines on your skin.

As miniscule as your fingerprints, as vague as the tan lines, the creases on your fingers, the scars on your knee. These are the lines that tells us a story of you. As delicate as the lines that wraps around our skin, so should our skincare too. These precious storylines should be taken care of with only natural ingredients.

To remedy our skin is to return to the ground where our roots grow, extracting only natural elements from the earth, grain and sand to nurture the skin.”

Our approach gives shape to their story without going through a major facelift. Small tweaks goes a long way in further expanding the story to their brand collaterals and store merchandise. Keeping to their minimalist approach, we developed a set of graphic elements as part of the visual language and photography direction to further express their story and values.

Creative & Art Direction by Magdalene Wong
Art Direction & Design by Tsu Wong

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