Big Small Lou – CNY Version

【大小】Big Small is a get together game originating from ancient China. It is a pleasure game of luck which involves betting on one or more variants that will be determined by a roll of 3 dices. Big Small is now played in numerous parts of the world. For many, it is a popular pastime to try their luck at a game of chance during the auspicious Lunar New Year. Without a doubt, Big Small is just the right game for all celebrants. We have simplified and designed this traditional game into a contemporary setting where friends and family can banter around with.

In collaboration with our friends – event planner and all-round great recipe makers at Le Maven, we’ve designed a contemporary rendition of the traditional Lou Sang fit for gifting to friends and family during the Lunar New Year festivities.

Creative & Art Direction by Magdalene Wong
Illustration by Magdalene Wong
Urushi Type Design by Calvin Kwok
Design by Magdalene Wong, Tsu Wong
Animation by Roland Tey
Photography & AD by Where’s Gut Studio

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