Tono Crafted Soy Milk

Adopting Japanese cooked-pulp technology, Tono Crafted Soy Milk is a dessert store stationed in PJ—uses only good quality soybean without artificial additives and practise an open, transparent making process to produce their signature texture-rich soy milk and other soy-based dessert. Tono, the character was introduced in the form of a journey to the Japanese hot spring as the brand story.

“One fine day in the winter, while Tono was on his way back after picking some soy beans for his tribe, he discovered a hot spring. Without a second thought, he dipped into the hot spring to relieve his fatigue for running over the mountain searching for food. What a wonderful moment… “Bloop!” Some beans he brought dropped into the hot spring—miracle happens. The beans turned the spring water creamy and aromatic—rich in soy essence. To share his magical discovery, he immediately headed home and returned with his tribe for the milky hot spring.” This reflects the owner’s journey of discovering the soy-making technology and how he wished to share among local community.

The concept expands throughout the design of logo, prints, packaging design and interior. We developed the character, Tono & a set of graphic elements as part of the visual language and photography art direction to further express their story and values.


Creative & Art Direction by Magdalene Wong
Design by Hee Hee
Interior Design by Wunderwall Design
Photography by Where’s Gut Studio and Wunderwall Design

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